The Environment

… Creating a balance with nature …

We are passionate in our belief that creating a balance with nature involves both giving and taking, and constantly strive to make our business as ecologically friendly as a possible.


That’s why all the wood used in our furniture, kitchens and projects, is either wind blown, aged, diseased or woodland managed. Flourishing woodlands and healthy trees are a result of good woodland management. Trees die when they reach the end of their natural life cycle, both rotting away and becoming compost for plants and trees around them, or are taken down when they have lost the strength in their roots and are a danger to surrounding trees or buildings. Disease is all part of nature’s complexity rather than the untimely or unfair demise of a tree. Certain species, notably beech, tend to fall in high winds.

Once we have the trees in our workshop, every part of the yield is used. This not only reduces waste, but also allows us to incorporate nature’s design, with outside cuts used for their sculptural shape, and inner slabs for their naturally shaped outer edges. After we have used off-cuts for our smaller pieces, such as candleholders, the sawdust and shavings heat our workshop. We don’t use gas or electricity to heat our buildings.

We take advantage of the fact that many of our clients are in the catering trade, by turning their waste vegetable oil to biodiesel to run our three work vehicles. This produces 80% less omissions to the atmosphere, while disposing of a waste product. The byproduct from our production is glycerol, which is completely biodegradable and used by local farmers to compost their manure and produce methane, which in turn is then used to heat their buildings.