Grant Family Home

2012: Grant Family Home.

Client brief
Using an old Kiln building on the Glenfiddich site, the client wanted to create a place of ‘family’ atmosphere. This was to allow the hosts to tell the many family and whisky related stories.

Paul Hodgkiss design solution
To use family furniture from storage, use same aged reclaimed stone for fireplace and doorways, use the existing architecture and materials. To punctuate the family time-line with iconic furniture allowing the host to engage in the family business stories. Using reclaimed walnut panelling for the lift, furniture from the family, unique plaster frame ideas for family portraits and flooring made from reclaimed bonded warehouse floor joists and keeping the stone walls created the ideal environment. Re-introducing the unusual diagonal sarking boards for the ceiling along with chosen icon furniture, Paul managed to create a ‘family’ atmosphere.

The blending room accommodates parties of visitors to learn and practise the art of blending and house a piece of furniture that was to show the companies rare and valuable whiskies. This took extremely precise and smart design. Walnut, LED lighting, retracting tap and quartz. We included a design where furniture completely hid the heating/air conditioner systems. The VIP dining room furniture was crafted from home grown Walnut in a design that leads the juxtaposition of classic traditional design with the contemporary. Stone walls were broken through for a fireplace and extra doors.