Paul Hodgkiss Designs is a creative Scottish company that has built a reputation for distinctive hand crafted wood furniture and fittings, interiors brought to life using existing architectural elements, with both commercial and residential customer.


Since 1986 Paul has forged a unique and instantly recognisable style and quality in bars, restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, historic buildings, shops and the homes of discerning customers.

His organic designs focus on the natural shape, colour and grain of sustainably resourced, Scottish home grown hardwoods such as elm, oak, sycamore, birch, oak, walnut and beech. Other timbers such as mature French walnut from nut farmers, and teak or rosewood from managed plantations complement the range of his sympathetically chosen materials. Stone, marble, granite, glass, hand metal forged work are the materials that play a regular role in his interiors.


Architects and interiors designers can feel confident that Paul will deliver their clients vision by interpreting technical briefs, drawings and concepts to meticulous and rigorously high standards. He has built a team of brilliant craftsmen and professionals allowing his interior concepts unrivalled quality using traditional crafts and materials in contemporary design.


No matter whether we are creating furniture and interiors to our brand of design or bespoke to our customers’ requests, we apply the same level of quality; it is engrained in us; our management, project teams, tradesmen and apprentices. It is a quality unrivalled and one that we have invested in and are extremely proud of.

Artisan and cabinetmaker, there are no limits to Paul’s creative solutions and passion for wood.

Our Team

In 1998 Tony Blacker joined us as an apprentice, he developed quickly to become one of today’s best cabinet makers. He has incredible intelligence, skill and unwavering passion. Every new project is an invigorating challenge to Tony.

Since 1986 we have been training apprentices, it is a craft that deserves to stay alive. Paul Hodgkiss Designs is a team of dedicated, highly skilled professional craftsmen.

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