Client: Grant Family Home

Client Brief

Using an old Kiln building on the Glenfiddich site, the client wanted to create a place of ‘family’ atmosphere. This was to allow the hosts to tell the many family and whisky related stories.

Our Solution

Paul succeeded in winning the competition to design and fit out the 120 year old Kiln building on the Glenfiddich site in Dufftown. The building was to be stripped bare to create a three story interior to house the ‘ Grant Family Home’, a place where V.I.P visitors could experience and learn about the five generations of the same family at the helm of this incredible business.

Paul’s idea was to present the family history through a visual timeline, punctuated with iconic furniture and interiors marking times of significant importance; the Egg chair, designed by Arle jackobson the same year as W. Grant & son brought out their iconic triangular bottle, the Barcalona seats marking the 1920’s years of prohibition, the antique oriental antique furniture, the arrival of their whisky in Singapore in the 1900’s were a few examples.

Paul and his team created an exquisite canter levered dining room, atmospheric blending room, Antique panelling and family heirloom furniture to the entrance, an antique interior to the lift.

All creating a comfortable visitor’s experience where the family stories were possible only through the host, thus avoiding the feeling of a tour or exhibition.