Client: 2014 Commonwealth Games

Client Brief & Solution:

In 2013 Paul was asked for his design ideas for the creation of the medal trays, to be used to display and present the medals in the medal ceremonies.

Paul immersed himself in the already existing graphics and brand identity that the games had established and found a fascination with the tangent lines, he proceeded to place them on the tray and found fantastic effect. Paul then turned his attention to the pierced design of the medals and designed the tray to not just hold the medals at the required angle but to enhance and celebrate this fantastic medal design to work to its best, Paul created rebated holes to allow this to work. The trays were to be made from Scottish Sycamore.

Glasgow 2104 were delighted and wanted to see what design Paul could come up with for the Quaichs and podiums. The quaichs were designed to resonate with the medal design, they were to be produced from Glasgow Elm, all made in Glasgow by our tradesmen and colleagues.

The podiums were designed so show that the bronze and silver supported the gold thus showing sportsmanship, the Gold podium was designed using the logo of the Federation of the Commonwealth games. The podiums were also produced in our Glasgow workshop from Glasgow Elm and Sycamore.

How it Happened

We have created some slideshow pdf files for you to view the process of designing and creating the Quaichs, Medal Trays and Podiums for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.