Scottish Quaichs

The quaich is one of Scotland’s most long standing traditional gifts, dating back to the 16th Century when it was offered as a welcoming gift at Clan Gatherings and to greet foreign visitors. “Quaich” is the modern Scottish rendering of the Gaelic “Cuach”, meaning cup. The two handed design of this vessel demands trust on the part of both giver and receiver. At Paul Hodgkiss Design we design and manufacture traditional and bespoke handcrafted Scottish Quaichs.

We choose exquisite pieces of locally sourced hardwood for our quaichs, each piece having a unique character ranging from intense, deep, dark burr to light, flowing and colourful grain. Each Paul Hodgkiss Designs quaich has been individually handcrafted, starting as a cylindrical block. The block is then shaped and sculpted through five separate manual lathe, and three hand finish processes.

Our Scottish Quaichs

We use cutting edge CNC technology to achieve accuracy and detail in the manufacture process and to achieve intricate handle details not possible with even the finest chisel or traditional tool. Laser etching is used to brand quaichs with our familiar flower logo. Bespoke laser etching can be included to personalise your quaich on request.

All elm, ash and other hardwoods are collected from windblown trees or from other sustainable Scottish sources. Where possible, we collect from the Glasgow area and dry timbers in our kiln before selecting and beginning the process of manufacture. This careful process gives each of our quaichs a true provenance to compliment its unique character.

Glasgow XX Commonwealth Games

Paul Hodgkiss Designs was privileged to have the opportunity to design and manufacturing over 1,500 Glasgow elm quaichs for the 2014 Glasgow XX Commonwealth Games having been recognised for the design and manufacture of quaichs and other trophies for Nordoff-Robbins Scottish Music, Women of Influence, Healthy Working Lives and Balvenie Artisan Awards. Please contact us with any enquiries or visit our online shop to browse our selection of quaichs available for purchase.