Client: Pony Bar, Bath Street, Glasgow

Client Brief & Solution:

Bath Street Pony won the coveted Scotland’s Best New Bar title at the Dram Scottish Licensed Trade Awards 2010. The bar was recognised for its style, innovation and for being “something out of the ordinary” Judges were looking for an independent bar and in Bath Street Pony they found originality and craft. Judge and editor of the Dram Magazine, Susan Young said:

“This is a stylish bar, which is not only striking but well designed. Quirky elements like the logo embedded in the tables, digital artwork, and its furniture from an award-winning craftsmen, all help create a space which is innovative”.

The most important aspect of fulfilling the interior design demands in the hospitality sector is durability, particularly in the nightclub market where tables, chairs and worktops take a lot of partying and punishment. Scottish hardwoods are therefore ideal. We have developed a reputation for fulfilling the brand values of each venue, where the client’s design and project management expectations have been met.

With the Bath Street Pony, Scott had a vision of private and cosy areas with an intimate buzz similar to places he had seen in New York. We designed a new type of screening to address the issues of privacy without impacting on light and atmosphere. By using refracted light through the use of different dimensions of timbers set in a random frame, the result presented a distinctive and entirely unique feature of the restaurant.