Handcrafted Wooden Gifts from Paul Hodgkiss Designs

Paul Hodgkiss Designs is a creative Scottish company that has built a reputation for distinctive hand crafted wooden gifts, furniture and fittings.

Our shop is set in a lovingly restored victorian laundry building in Muirend on the South Side of Glasgow. We have created an amazing contemporary space for our Paul Hodgkiss Designs range of furniture, kitchens, lighting and home accessories.

We design handcrafted wooden gifts that are both beautiful and practical – from Scottish Quaichs to Wooden Chopping Boards to Kilt Pins and Accessories.

Scottish Quaich

The quaich is one of Scotland’s most long standing traditional gifts.

Food Boards

Our wooden chopping boards are the perfect board to serve and prepare food on.

Candle Holders

Our wooden candle holders are as unique as the tree it came from.

Wooden Hearts

Our wooden hearts are as unique as the tree it came from.

Kilts Pins & Sgian Dubh

Our wooden kilt pins and sgian dubh sets are so unique.