Client: Carlo Citti

Client Brief & Solution:

Bespoke work for Carlo Citti (formerly of CPL) started in 1998 for some of Glasgow’s foremost nightclubs. After working with Carlo on six venues, we continue to work closely today.

The most important aspect of fulfilling the interior design demands in this highly competitive market is creating a comfortable and cool venue with quirky focal points and hard wearing functionality. Scottish hardwoods are therefore ideal. In all this work Paul has developed his reputation for fulfilling the brand values of each venue.

“I always get more than I expect from Paul’s design input and collaboration. The results are always special and entirely unique, miles away from anything we could buy off the shelf.”
Carlo Citti

2010: Campus
Paul installed his standard bar tops, table tops and bar shelves – this perfectly illustrates his ability to provide this market with high quality solid timber, fast and with finishes that can be maintained easily on an on-going basis

2007: O’Couture
Paul provided bars and tabletops, designed to look like they had been made out of one piece of wood. Despite using a complicated series of mitres, the finish gives the illusion that there are no junctions whatsoever. Carlo Citti benefitted from Paul’s ability to manufacture quickly and from the durable use of solid timber components.

2005: Driftwood
Driftwood was sourced from the White Cart River and some components of wood were also found which formed the letters to use as the signage. We bleached a common art board and halved yew tree trunks to form the bar front and exterior. Inside the design continued to use driftwood which forms the gantry and bar top and tables.

2004: Europa (formerly Sadie Frost a previous customer)
Paul removed solid timber elm components, namely bar tops, beer shelves, table tops and recycled them. He refitted the new layout design and then added further lounging areas with London plane wood (resembles beech) tables and resin detail.